The makers box

December 19, 2015

The makers box

It’s here :) I found my mobile Hack day box for everyday usage. It’s nothing to special in this post - I was just somewhat excited when I saw Lady Ada mobile Hack-Otterbox (the Bento box) and since then I am looking for such a box but couldn’t find something reasonable.

Otterboxes are pretty expensive and hard to get here in Germany. We do have something similar that are the Peli Cases. They are great cases, however, they cost a fortune and I don’t need the outdoor proof rugged case series - just a tiny box.

The Lock and Lock boxes are decent for this task - even waterproof and have been tested in millions of Geocaches out there. However, they don’t have smaller compartments. Anyways, I’ve found the box that I was looking for, have a look at the title image. It’s a small box from Conrad Electronics. I can carry my most used sensors, adapter cables, USB voltmeter, the LiPO battery, the ESP8266 and some smaller parts and jumper wires around. Nice case. You can order it from Conrad online - it’s the part number: 181939 - 62


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