Breakout day for the ESP8266

December 20, 2015

Breakout collection

Do you remember Breakout? That was probably my first computer game I saw and which I played on a video console. Anyways, back to the topic. The ESP8266 as a breakout board in the dev kit - or the one that I have from Adafruit are great to place them on a breadboard. I even looked pretty hard for a small case to store all my sensors, the board, cables and jumper wires.

However, there is something that I am always falling into. Where is the resistor that belongs in the front of the LED? Why does this small switch is not breadboard friendly and always comes off?

Let’s hope the LED lights up before it burns without the resistor to prove our code!

The LED breakout

Oh, serious? Yeah - but sometimes that might be an approach because you can’t find that small resistor in your box. I was tired of this and I decided to do something about it. I still had some perma-breadboard which needs soldering and made some smaller circuit boards out of it. I looked at the different sensors (e.g. DHT11), LEDs with series resistor, a small switch and a button, etc and figured out the required size of the board.

Note to self, great - I forgot the transistor board.

Basically I am just prewiring the the stuff and solder the required resistor to the LED on a small board. Therefore I can’t loose the resistor or the LED and have it all in one place. Here is an image about the actual soldering work.

The LED breakout bottom

Sometimes it gets pretty small and requires soldering practice. Maybe that was the only thing that I learned during all my work life properly - soldering smallest electronics. After 1 hour I was done with the soldering work and I was happily looking at the new breakouts. So, if you ever plan to get into breadboarding and prototyping - get some perfboards, thinks of the common use cases and solder them on a board. I highly recommend doing it - it’s worthwhile, it’s fun and gives you the feeling of a maker. Now - back to NodeMCU Lua.

Oh, if you wonder why I am so calm when I solder those things - there is a cat who companies me when soldering. If I move and stop soldering - he moves, too. You don’t want that. :)

The soldering cat


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