PL2303 (fake) - Code 10 Problem

December 29, 2015

Well, I bought a cheap USB 2 Serial cable from somewhere. It should have been a Prolific 2303 cable and should have been Windows 10 compatible. When I inserted the USB plug into my computer the driver was installed (it’s already part of Windows 10) - I heard the successful sound and then the driver was deactivated and the details window showed an error of code 10.

No further explanation - nothing more. It’s just not working. I remember the time when I hacked around in NetBSD regarding USB2Serial cables and dealt with the PL23xx problem at that time. There are way too many fakes of this chipset around. It was always a “did we have the correct uid in the file”.

A quick search brought up the problem. There seem to be to many fakes out there so Prolific decided to drop the support of the fakes in their latest driver. So if you are using the older driver the check is not included and it works just fine. But how do you acqurire an older driver? Well, in Windows that’s entirely possible by selecting the “choose old driver” option after you installed an older version. You should get something around the driver version

If you trust the Google search results? I would check with a virus scanner! However, for me that was the reason to look for alternatives to that chipset and I found the CP2102 which seems to be well supported.

Oh, here is the pinout for my cable as I tend to forget it.

Cable color Pin/Usage
Black GND
Green TXD
White RXD


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